Change display language on Windows 7

If you get a laptop or PC with Windows 7, but the display language is not your primary language and you want to change it, you can follow this guide to change it. This article shows how to install an additional language pack and change display language on Windows 7.
Note: This method works only on Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions.

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In this example, I will change display language to Spanish on Windows 7 Ultimate.

  1. First, you should check Windows edition that you’re using. On Windows 7 desktop,
    1. Click Windows icon at bottom left
    2. Right-click Computer
    3. Select Properties

    Open System Properties

  2. You will see Windows edition at top. If you’re using Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise edition, you can follow steps here to change display language.
    Check Windows 7 edition
  3. Next, install a language pack from Windows Update.
    Open Control Panel -> System and Security -> Windows Update and click optional updates.
    Note: If you don’t see optional updates on this page, you have click Check for updates first.
    Select optional updates
  4. On Optional updates, scroll down to Language packs section, select language pack you want to install and click OK.
    Select language pack to install
  5. Click Install updates to begin download and install the language pack.
    Note: If there are important updates available, but you don’t want to install them at this moment, make sure to uncheck them before continue.
    Install language pack
  6. In this example, it took 15 minutes to download and install Spanish language packs. When finishes, click Control Panel Home.
    Back to Control Panel Home
  7. Select Clock, Language, and Region.
    Control Panel Home
  8. Select Region and Language.
    Select Region and Language
  9. On this window, change display language to Spanish:
    1. Select Keyboards and Languages tab
    2. Change display language option to Spanish
    3. Click OK

    Change display language to Spanish

  10. Click Log off now.
    Click Log off now
  11. After you signed-in to Windows, display language is now Spanish.
    Display language is changed
  12. If you want to change display language back to English, you can follow step 7-10 again, but change the option on step 9.2 to English.

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