[Solved] Transparent PotPlayer

PotPlayer is one of the best multimedia player on Windows. It is free to use and can play most video and audio formats. You can download at http://potplayer.daum.net.

Yesterday, I probably did something on PotPlayer and it became transparent. I can look through the video playback window including all menus and icons. Even when I’m watching a video clip, it still transparent and I can barely watch the clip as you can see below.

This is not a bug or issue on PotPlayer. It is likely that you may have accidentally changed transparency setting on PotPlayer. This article shows how to adjust transparency setting to original value.

Transparent PotPlayer


You may accidentally changed transparency setting which is a slider bar located at top right of the program when you moved the program window on the Desktop.

To fix it, simply move the slider to rightmost to change transparency setting back to 100% as in the figure below.
PotPlayer - Adjust Transparency Slider

You can also change transparency setting from the menu by right-click on PotPlayer -> Skins -> Transparency -> Main -> select 100%.
Transparency Setting on PotPlayer

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  1. Yes, thankyou, that is helping. but i dont see the need of transparent exept if we can do something behind the player ( for example: i can run a shortcut of Aplication by double click it behind a transparent pot player). I’ll appreciate it, when you solve this issue, thanks.

  2. Many thanks for this. I’ve no idea how I managed to reduce the transparency but your article solved the issue

  3. Thanks for providing the solution. My original thought hat I did something accidentally to the player’s configuration was right, I’m just slightly annoyed that “resetting PotPlayer settings” did not fix the issue. It should have fixed the issue because it’s not its default configuration.

  4. oh boy. thanks so much for this article. I couldn’t figure this out. What an odd place to put a transparency setting.

  5. lolz 😛
    Really it’s a funny problem 😀
    Suddenly I got the same problem today.
    I am using pot player for last 3 years, but I did not noticed this features.

  6. Why put in that option in the first place? Idiots making a top program with a stupid option making a lot of people reinstall it time after time.

  7. Thank you. I think the transparency slider is a completely pointless tool and it should be removed in updated versions.

  8. lol
    thank u
    i reinstall pot player but that dident help
    and i came here and solved my problem

  9. LOL, so many people have this problem, the Pot Player people should fix the poor UX, and basically get rid of that slider.