Working with ISO Image and MDF/MDS using Daemon Tools Lite, Part 2: Install Daemon Tools Lite

This entry is part 2 of 5 in the series Working with ISO Image and MDF/MDS using Daemon Tools Lite

In this post, I will show how to download and install Daemon Tools Lite v.4.30.4 on Windows XP.

Step-by-step to install Daemon Tools Lite

  1. Open your web browser to and click on Downloads menu.
    Daemon Tools Home Page
  2. Scroll down to Daemon Tools Lite and click on Download v.4.30.4.
    Daemon Tools Download Page
  3. Click Download to begin download the file.
    Download Daemon Tools Lite
  4. You will get the file – daemon4304-lite.exe. Double-click the file to begin setup wizard.
  5. Select a language. Click OK.
    Install Daemon Tools Lite - Select a Language
  6. On Welcome to DAEMON Tools Lite Setup Wizard, click Next.
    Daemon Tools Lite Setup Wizard
  7. On License Agreement, click I Agree to accept the license terms of Daemon Tools Lite.
    Daemon Tools Lite License Agreement
  8. If you see the message “Setup must restart Windows and continue installation after reboot. Would you like to restart now?”, click OK to restart Windows.
    Setup must Restart Windows
  9. On Choose Components, you can select components that you want to install. You can unchecked Browser Toolbar if you don’t want it on your browser. Click Next to continue.
    Choose Components for Installation
  10. On Support the DAEMON Tools Team, you can choose to set default start page of your browser to DAEMON Search. Unchecked Browser’s Start Page if you don’t want to. Then, click Next.
    Support the Daemon Tools Team
  11. On Choose Install Location, you can select which folder you want to install DAEMON Tools Lite. Click Install to begin the installation.
    Choose Install Location
  12. On Completing the DAEMON Tools Lite Setup Wizard, keep the check box Run DAEMON Tools Lite and click Finish.
    Completing Setup Wizard
  13. Daemon Tools Lite is updating virtual devices on the computer.
    Updating Virtual Devices
  14. Installation is finished, you will see the icon of Daemon Tools Lite on notification area.
    Tray Icon of Daemon Tools Lite
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