Getting started with Microsoft ISA Server 2006, Part 3: Installation

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ISA Server 2006 Installation

On this post, I show you how to install Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Enterprise edition on the server – BKKISA001. You can see the server and network configuration of the example at Part 2 – Environment Setup.
Note: On this series, I demonstrate using Microsoft ISA Server 2006 enterprise edition. But I will use only basic features which are available on both standard and enterprise editions. So if you have only a standard edition, you still can follow this series but you may notice that the user interface may slightly different a little bit.


  1. Insert ISA Server 2006 Enterprise edition CD-Rom, you will see Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Setup window. Click Install ISA Server 2006.
    Microsoft ISA Server 2006 Auto-run Setup
  2. Microsoft ISA Server Installer is starting and beginning with Core Components.
    Microsoft ISA Server Installer
  3. On Welcome to the Installation Wizard for Microsoft ISA Server 2006, click Next.
    ISA Server 2006 Installation Wizard
  4. On License Agreement, select I agree the terms in the license agreement and click Next.
    Accept License Agreement
  5. On Customer Information, enter your user name, organization name and the product serial number. Click Next.
    Enter Customer Information
  6. On Setup Scenarios, select Install both ISA Server services and Configuration Storage Server and click Next.
    Note: Scenarios description:

    • Install ISA Server services. You can select this option to install on ISA Server services without the Configuration Storage server so you will have to specify the existing Configuration Storage server on the network at the next step.
    • Install Configuration Storage server. This option will install only Configuration Storage server for ISA Server arrays to retrieve the configuration.
    • Install both ISA Server services and Configuration Storage server. This option will install both ISA Server services and Configuration Storage server.
    • Install ISA Server Management. Select this option if you want to install only the management console for ISA Server so you can remotely manage ISA Server enterprise.

    Select Scenario for ISA Server 2006 Installation

  7. On Component Selection, leave as default selection and click Next.
    Note:Components description:

    • ISA Server. Controls access and traffic between networks.
    • Advanced Logging. Installs Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) used to view and to filter historical log data
    • ISA Server Management. Allows remote management of ISA Server using ISA Server Management console snap-in.
    • Configuration Storage server. Stores the enterprise configuration for ISA Server arrays.

    Select Component for ISA Server 2006 Installation

  8. On Enterprise Installation Options, select Create a new ISA server enterprise and click Next.
    Create New ISA Server Enterprise
  9. On New Enterprise Warning, click Next. This is a message telling you that they recommend only a single enterprise in your organization for ease of centralize management. If you already have an existing Configuration Storage server, you should select Create a replica of the enterprise configuration in the previous step.
    New Enterprise Warning Message
  10. On Internal Network, you have to specify the network address ranges of your internal network. Click Add.
    Configure Internal Network Address Ranges
  11. On Addresses, you can add IP address ranges by add from network adapter, add from private network or add range manually. I will add from adapter, click Add Adapter.
    Add IP Address ranges
  12. On Select Network Adapters, select the network card interface which connects to the internal network and click OK.
    Select Network Adapters
  13. Back to Addresses, check if the internal network range is correct or not. Then, click OK to continue.
    Internal Network IP Address range
  14. Back to Internal Network, click Next.
    Internal Network
  15. On Firewall Clients Connections, click Next.
    Note: If you haven’t upgrade from ISA 2000 or 2004, leave the check box Allow non-encrypted Firewall client connections empty. Otherwise, check the box before continue.
    Firewall Clients Connections
  16. On Services Warning, click Next.
    Note: This is a warning message that some services will be restarted or disabled while the installation is in progress.
    Restart or Disable Services Warning
  17. On Ready to Install the Program, click Install to begin the ISA Server 2006 Installation.
    Begin ISA Server 2006 Installation
  18. On Installing Microsoft ISA Server 2006, waits for the installation to be complete.
    Installing Microsoft ISA Server 2006
  19. Microsoft ISA Server Installer is installing Additional Components.
    Installing Additional Components
  20. Microsoft ISA Server Installer is initialize system.
    System Initialization
  21. On Installation Wizard Completed, click Finish to complete the installation.
    Note: There is an option – Invoke ISA Server Management when the wizard closes. You can select this option to start ISA Server Management after closes the wizard. I will cover about ISA Server Management in the next part.
    ISA Server 2006 Installation Completes

What’s Next?

You have done the installation. Next, I will show how to update ISA Server 2006 with the service pack 1.

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