Getting Started on Virtualization with Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, Part 4: Install Guest OS

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Now you have a virtual machine which hasn’t installed any operating system yet. It like you have a new another PC but it is in the virtual machine. So this part I show how install Windows XP on the virtual machine. But I won’t include full detail of how to install Windows XP.
Note: The operating system which is on virtual machine called Guest Operating System (Guest OS). The operating system on the physical PC is called Host Operating System (Host OS).

Step-by-step to install guest OS

  1. Start the virtual machine. On Virtual PC Console, double-click on the virtual machine to start it or you can select the virtual machine and click Start button.
    Start virtual machine
  2. The virtual machine will be started. You’ll see the screen as similar as when you boot the physical PC (loading BIOS, detecting HDD, etc).
    The virtual machine is started
  3. At this time, there is no operating system was installed on the virtual machine yet. So it keep finding a bootable system.
    Finding bootable system
  4. Start install an Operating System. Insert your Windows XP CD-ROM. But in this example, I use an ISO (image file) of Windows XP instead of a Windows XP CD. So I select CD -> Capture ISO Image.
    Note: If you want to use Windows XP CD, you have to select CD -> Use Physical Drive after inserting a Windows XP CD.
    Select CD Source
  5. In case you’re using Windows XP ISO Image. Browse to the ISO Image file. Click Open.
    Select ISO Image file
  6. Reboot the virtual machine to boot into Windows XP installation CD or ISO Image file. Select Action -> CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
    Reboot the virtual machine
  7. Now it will boot from CD (or ISO Image file).
    Note: If the virtual machine isn’t loading Windows XP installation. You may need to configure boot sequence in BIOS on the virtual machine.
    Booting from CD or image file
  8. The Windows Setup is loading.
    Start Windows Setup
  9. Select drive to install Windows XP.
    Select drive to install Windows XP
  10. Continue installing Windows XP.
    Installing Windows XP
  11. When you working in the virtual machine, you notice that you can’t move your mouse outside the virtual machine. It is a different system. To release mouse from the virtual machine, press Right ALT.
    Note: You can install Virtual Machine Additions on virtual machine to solve this annoyance issue which I’ll show in the next part.
    Release mouse from a virtual machine
  12. After the installation finishes, now you have a guest operating system on your first virtual machine. You can work in the virtual machine as if it is an another PC.
    Finishes install Windows XP
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