BizTalk Training 5 – Using FTP Adapter

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Using FTP Adapter

This topic will show how to use FTP Adapter to read and write files to FTP server.

There are 5 tutorials in this training.

  1. BizTalk Training 1 – basic send/receive xml message
  2. BizTalk Training 2 – receive/send plain text
  3. BizTalk Training 3 – customize filename dynamically
  4. BizTalk Training 4 – using Functiods in Map
  5. BizTalk Training 5 – using FTP Adapter


  • Learn how to use FTP adapter.


  • BizTalkTraining 4 project.
  • Configuration on BizTalk Administration for BizTalkTraining application.


  1. Run FTP server using IIS.
  2. Configure to receive files from FTP server using FTP Adapter.


  1. Run FTP server using IIS.
    • Ensure that your FTP server is running.
      Check FTP service is running
    • Ensure that you have account to access FTP server with read/write permissions.
      Check account privilege
  2. Configure to receive files from FTP server using FTP Adapter.
    • Open BizTalk Administration and double click a port in Receive Locations.
      Open port properties
    • Change Type to FTP and click Configure.
      Change type to FTP
    • Enter FTP information such as server name, account name and password, file mask, etc.

      Note: The account must have permission to delete the file if it’s a receive port and write file if it’s a send port.
      Enter FTP information

    • You can also change the polling time in Polling section.
      Change polling interval's time
    • Click OK. Click OK. Restart server host instance, refresh the application.


You can download the configuration file (XML file) at here.
If you need source code of BizTalk project, you can download at the previous post on BizTalk Training 4.

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