Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 8/8.1

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If you have problem with Windows and you need to enter Safe Mode to fix the problem, you can press F8 to boot into Safe Mode on the earlier version of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7). But you can’t enter Safe Mode on Windows 8/8.1 with that method any more. So, I… Read more »

Create bootable USB from ISO image with Rufus

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If you want to reinstall operating system on your PC or laptop, you can install it from USB flash drive which is very easy and faster compare with optical drive like CD, or DVD. Last time, I wrote an article about how to create bootable USB with UNetbootin which is a good tool, but there… Read more »

Clean VMWareDnD folder

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If you’re using VMWare and usually use the drag and drop feature to copy files between host and guest virtual machine, you may notice that disk space on C drive (system drive) is decreasing from time to time or you may get the error message about out of disk space while using drag and drop…. Read more »

Remove or browser hijacker

No Comments » or is a browser hijacker which usually is included (bundled) with other free software which you may download from many popular downloaded websites. When you install the software that contains this adware, it changes your default homepage and search engine on Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome to “” or “” without… Read more »