Getting started with Microsoft Windows Server Update Services 3.0, Part 4: Configuration

When you have installed WSUS 3.0 SP1, the configuration wizard appears to let you configure WSUS for the first time. You can configure to synchronize updates from Microsoft Update directly or other WSUS server, specify proxy server for WSUS, determine which products you want to synchronize, determine which classification (critical updates, tools, drivers, service pack, etc.) of updates you want.

Next, I’ll configure WSUS to get updates directly from Microsoft Update and select only service pack for Windows XP as an example.

Note: For a disconnected WSUS server that doesn’t need to synchronize with any server, you simply cancel this wizard window if it shows up after the installation.

Step-by-step for WSUS configuration

  1. On the first page of WSUS configuration wizard, click next.
    WSUS Configuration wizard
  2. On Join the Microsoft Update Improvement Program, you’ll decide whether to give some information to Microsoft. I choose not and click next.
    Choose to 'Join the Microsoft Update Improvement Program' or not
  3. On Choose Upstream Server, select Synchronize from Microsoft Update. If you want to synchronize to other WSUS server, select the latter option and specify the server name and port. Click next.
    Select upstream server
  4. On Specify Proxy Server, if you use proxy to access the Internet, you need to enter the information here. Otherwise, click next.
    Configure proxy server
  5. On Connect to Upstream Server, click Start Connecting and the wizard will try to check that it can connect to the upstream server properly.
    Test connection to the upstream server
  6. If nothing errors, you’ll able to click next to continue.
    Connected to the upstream server properly
  7. On Choose Products, uncheck all the products and check only Windows XP since I want on updates for Windows XP only in this example. Click next.
    Choose Products to get updates
  8. On Choose Classifications, check only Service Packs. Click next.
    Choose Classifications
  9. On Set Sync Schedule, you can configure when the WSUS will synchronize with the upstream server that you’ve just specify. For efficiency, it should synchronize when the network is idle. I configure to synchonize automatically everyday at 2.00 AM. Click next.
    Set synchronization schedule
  10. On Finished, you can choose to synchronize with the upstream server now by check the Begin initial synchronization box. Click next.
    Synchronization now
  11. On What’s Next, it tells you what you should do next. Click finish to complete initial configuration.
    Finish the configuration wizard
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