Clone Microsoft Windows XP using Sysprep and Norton Ghost, Part 4: Finalize Cloned Disk

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After I have cloned a disk from the sample disk. Next, I’m going to reboot the cloned disk on another PC. Then, Sysprep will regenerate the computer’s security ID (SIDs) and initialize Mini-setup to prepare the Operating System which is the topic I’ll cover in this post.

Note: Some steps in this post may not be the same with yours. It depends on the Answer file. If you have configure it in the Answer file, it won’t ask again at here. But if the configuration in the Answer file is error, it’ll ask you again. For instance, if you type wrong product key, it will show the error and let you enter again at this step.

Step-by-step to finalize cloned disk

  1. When you boot the cloned disk first time, you’ll see the screen like the figure below.
    Finalize Cloned Disk - Windows XP Setup
  2. On Windows XP Professional Setup, click Next.
    Windows XP Professional Setup
  3. On License Agreement, select “I acccept this agreement”. Click Next.
    License Agreement
  4. On Regional and Language Options, configure keyboard language and standards language. Click Next.
    Regional and Language Options
  5. On Product Key, enter the an unique product key of Microsoft Windows XP. If you have single product key which can be used in many computers, you can configure the product key in the answer file and you don’t have to enter on each computer anymore. Click Next.
    Enter Product Key
  6. On Computer Name and Administrator Password, enter the Computer Name and specify the administrator’s password. Click Next.
    Enter Computer Name and Administrator Password
  7. On Performing Final Tasks, waiting Sysprep to process.
    Performing Final Tasks
  8. That’s it. The computer is finished cloning and ready to use in production.
    Finished Clone Windows XP


This series may not be useful only in corporate. But it can be apply in home use, too. For instance, you can ghost your Windows operating system to an image file and store it on NAS (Network Attached Storage) so that next time you don’t have to re-install the operating system again if it fails. You can restore from the image file that you’ve stored in the NAS.
Remember, you don’t need to regenerate SIDs if the PC is stand-alone.

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