UML Modeling on NetBeans, Part 1: Installation

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UML Modeling on NetBeans, Part 1: Installation

This article show how to create UML Model on NetBeans and infers that you have already install NetBeans 5.5 (IDE) already. It divided into 4 parts:

Note: If you’re using NetBeans IDE 6.0, you don’t have to do this part because UML module is already integrated with NetBeans IDE 6.0.

  1. Part I: Installation
  2. Part II: Create a Use Case diagram
  3. Part III: Generate code from diagram
  4. Part IV: Generate diagram from code (Reverse Engineer)

To create UML Model on Netbeans, you need

  • NetBeansâ„¢ 5.5 integrated development environment (the IDE).
  • NetBeans 5.5, UML Modeling Beta module.

Install UML Modeling Beta module (Manual)

  1. Download NetBeans 5.5, UML Modeling Beta module and unzip the file.
  2. In NetBeans IDE, click Tools -> Update Center
  3. Select “Install Manually Downloaded Modules (.nbm Files).” in the lower left portion of the panel. Click Next.
  4. In the Select Modules to Install page, click Add and select the folder containg the extracted contents of the zip you downloaded in the first step, click Open. Then, select all 17 UML .nbm files. Click OK and click Next.
  5. All 17 UML .nbm files will appear in the Include in Install pane on the right. Click Next.
  6. Read and Accept the 4 UML licenses.
    The Download Modules page appears and progress is shown as the modules are read from the local folder.
    When progress is complete, click Next.
  7. Click Finish to continue with the installation of the module. This takes a few minutes after the Update Center wizard disappears.
  8. When the installation is complete, you will see the message ‘Turning on modules…done’ displayed in the lower left corner of the IDE window.
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