Copy text from dialog box on Windows with Textify

When you encounter an error message on Windows, you can’t copy an error code or message on a dialog box so you have to write it down somewhere or remember it for searching on Google to find more information about it. But with Textify which is a free tool, you can copy text on most of windows, for example, error window, dialog box, any other text that can’t usually be copied.

In this article, I will show how to copy text from a dialog box on Windows 10 with Textify.

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  1. Download Textify and run it.
    Download Textify
  2. On the program, you can configure shortcut key for Textify. The default key is shift and middle mouse click.
    Configure shortcut key for Textify
  3. Move your mouse cursor to where you want to copy text and click the shortcut key.
    Select the text that you want to copy
  4. You see a small window showing up with the text. To copy the text,
    1. Highlight text that you want
    2. Right-click on the text
    3. Select Copy

    Copy text from dialog box

  5. In this example, I will paste it on Wordpad.
    1. Right-click on a new Wordpad
    2. Select Paste

    Paste the copied text

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